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I always wanted to attend a Midnight show for a movie. The midnight shows are the domain of the fanatics, the fanboys (like myself) and people who just cannot wait to see the movie. My nearest 15 screen multiplex had 18 shows (3 shows starting at 3:30am) and i decided that “The Dark Knight Rises” would be the perfect movie to be the first one i see at midnight. I have been looking forward to this movie since i saw the shooting take place at Wall Street, full article here: http://irreverentlytimed.com/2011/11/05/pictures-from-the-set-of-the-dark-knight-rises/

So off i went wearing my Batman t-shirt (yes, i own one. I also own a Superman and Green Lantern t-shirt as well)

This one.

The best thing about watching movies at midnight is the atmosphere, the theater handed out special posters, lanyards, and there were contests for T-shirts (i didn’t win).

The TDKR lanyard
The poster for the Trilogy which was handed out
The first poster handed out
The IMAX exclusive poster

By far though, the best part are the fans who will line up for hours to get a good seat and talk to each other and build up that buzzing atmosphere. There were people dressed up like Batman, The Joker, Bane, Catwoman, there were even a few Robins. All this adds up to an amazing movie-going experience which cannot be replicated in a normal showing of a movie.

First off, the “Man of Steel” trailer was brilliant. It showed nothing and yet teased enough to get people excited for the movie next year. Now, onto the actual review:


No other movie this year has come out with as much expectations associated with it as this one. For one, it is following “The Dark Knight” which has amazing grosses, a scene-stealing performance by Heath Ledger and one of the best chase scenes ever filmed. So, when it came to TDKR, the question was simple “How do you top it?”. The answer “You don’t”… but you create something equally good and memorable when all is said and done.

The movie picks up exactly 8 years after “The Dark Knight” and we learn that Batman has been missing since then and Gotham has reached peacetime. Of course, this being Gotham peace cannot last long, and soon a new anarchist called Bane rolls into Gotham with a series of terrorist like attacks on the city. It is now up to Bruce Wayne to return as Batman and save Gotham once again.

The movie is just epic in size and scope. Unlike TDK, there is no single best performance, but every single person gives a really good performance. Christian Bale is amazing as Bruce Wayne and Batman, this movie is in fact the first movie which is actually about Bruce Wayne. Make no mistake, Batman is in this and is completely badass everytime he is on screen, but the movie is a Bruce Wayne story first and foremost. Anne Hathaway is brilliant as Seline Kyle and the way she switches from terrified to confident in a few scenes is just brilliant acting on her part. Gary Oldman is good. Marion Cotillard is just as good here as she was in Inception. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are great as usual. But the best among equals would most definitely be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He continues the tradition of actors from “10 things i hate about you” giving good performances in Nolan’s movies.

The only things wrong plot-wise is not even a single mention of “The Joker” (considering that a prison break plays a big part in the movie, this is not a spoiler, the scene is in the trailer) and Commissioner Foley’s character arc (this was the only mishandled character in the movie)

What elevates this movie tremendously are Wally Pfister’s cinematography and Hans Zimmer’s background score (and in one scene, the lack of it). The fight choreography is good, and the fight scenes are brutal. The fight scene between Batman and Bane has no background score at all, the sound of punches landing and bones breaking add to the heightened realism of this Batman universe. The score hits new heights in scenes which i can’t describe in a spoiler-free review.

With this movie Christopher Nolan brings Bruce Wayne’s journey to a satisfying end while still keeping doors open for the future. Saying anything more than that will be giving too much away. The movie runs a hefty 2hrs 45 minutes long, but not once did i feel that the pace slackened ever. This was a movie which sucks you in with the first set-piece and refuses to let you go till the final scene.

Speaking of the final scene, this movie has the best last 5 minutes of any trilogy ending movie ever. It wraps up plot threads for every single character and also… well, i can’t say more without spoiling the movie.

This movie is why theaters were created, the big screen experience is the best possible way to watch TDKR.

Final rating: 4.5/5 , an almost perfect experience. Highly recommended, watch it on the big screen.